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The Story

PropActually offers a one-stop property consultancy service  for home-buyers and investors to identify property gems.

Hello, I'm Clive Foo, the chief content creator @ PropActually. With a background in economics, I naturally gravitated to understanding the forces that govern the pricing dynamics of the real estate market.

The Covid pandemic has underscored the importance of having a resilient property wealth plan that provides passive income as well as leaving a legacy for future generations. The key lies in sourcing for good rental yield from private properties in Singapore with strong capital appreciation potential.


Through this information portal, we aspire to share my knowledge about the property market and to debunk common misconceptions about affordability and pricing.


More importantly, we hope to be able to help you make the right decisions on your property restructuring journey so that you are well-prepared for retirement



Numbers-Driven Approach

Every property review is accompanied with a rigorous analysis with actual sale and rental transaction data from the Urban Redevelopment Authority.



 Professional Advice

Clients will be given a customised property restructuring plan which will provide guidance in their asset progression journey.



Informed Choice

Clients will be given a selection of properties so they can make the best decision in choosing the most value-for-money properties at ideal valuations.

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